Company Overview

Intezer is innovating threat detection and response by mapping the genetic origins of software. Unlike traditional anomaly-based detection approaches, Intezer detects threats by identifying their code origins, resulting in fewer false positives and deep context for an effective response.
Intezer was named one of CRN’s 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups.

For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @IntezerLabs.


Product Overview

  • Intezer Protect: Cloud Workload Protection Platform that defends cloud environments in runtime against unauthorized and malicious code. The platform provides full visibility over all types of compute resources—including Linux servers, VMs and containers—ensuring only trusted code is running round-the-clock. With strong Linux threat detection, low overhead (you don’t have to set any manual rules or polices) and no impact on production performance, Intezer Protect is designed to overcome some of the challenges typically associated with runtime cloud workload protection solutions. Users are not subject to a slowdown in performance or increased resource costs.
  • Intezer Analyze: Malware analysis platform quickly classifying malware and unknown files. Unlike Antivirus and EDRs which mostly produce generic results (think “Trojan.Generic”) and can only classify specific hashes, Intezer analyzes the code itself in order to categorize the threat and classify variants from the same malware family.

Intezer has free community editions for both Intezer Protect and Intezer Analyze.