Catalogic Software

Company Overview

Catalogic Software is a secure data protection company providing innovative backup and recovery solutions including its flagship DPX product, enabling IT organizations to protect, secure and leverage their data. Catalogic’s CloudCasa offers cloud data protection, backup, and disaster recovery as a service for Kubernetes applications and cloud data services.

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Product Overview

Catalogic Products (DPX, DPX vPlus, and CloudCasa)

DPX provides data backup and recovery across a wide range of systems and platforms. Backups are quick and efficient, restores are rapid and reliable. DPX also supports key backup technologies such as ransomware detection, tape, NDMP, cloud and bare metal restore.

DPX vPlus provides a complete backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 and all its components, and data protection for a wide range of Open VM platforms, from Citrix to Nutanix to Amazon EC2.

CloudCasa is a powerful and easy-to-use backup/restore, migration/replication, DR service built for Kubernetes on-premises, cloud databases, and cloud-native applications. CloudCasa is available as a SaaS solution, or a Self-hosted option for enterprises and service providers while providing application-consistent data protection, disaster recovery, and cross-cloud and cross-cloud data migration and recovery.